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Place Recruiting Ads on one ofthe Largest Flash Creators Community?

Place recruiting ads on one of the largest Flash Creators community.

"wonderfl build Flash online" is the an online service that anyone can create Flash only with their browser.
As of April 2010, it has 500,000 unique users and 80,000 ActionScripts submitted.

wonderfl is where Flash Creators, Web Designers and Web Programmers congregate.

"wonderfl Flash-Jobs" is a recruiting web site fully designed for creative workers in cooperation with "wonderfl."

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Why is it hard to hire Flash Creators, Web Designers or Web Programmers?

There are 3 common reasons;

  • 1. Because you don't show ads on where Flash Creators, Web Designers,and Web Programmers congregate.
  • 2. Because you don't clearly state job description detailed enough that Flash Creators, Web Designers and Web Programmers need to know.
  • 3. Skill mismatch happens because it's hard to judge applicants' skill and creativity.

wonderfl Flash-Jobs can solves these problem

1.Creators from all over the world visit wonderfl. It's not an exaggeration to say that it is the most active ActionScript community in the world.

Tweets on twitter show that wonderfl has worldwide access from Flash Creators, Web Designers and Web Programmers.

It does not fall behind other competing services in the number of its registered creators.

30 to 50% of access to wonderfl is from overseas.

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2.You can conduct accurate skill assessment on wonderfl Flash-Jobs

Traditionally, job applicants' skill assessment is done by two ways; applicants' self-report and employer's judgment.With wonderfl Flash-Jobs, you can see third person's evaluation on applicants, based on the applicants activity inside wonderfl.

You can check the number of followers to see the applicants' weighty, and you can check posted code to see skill.

Also, you can give them assignment with wonderfl's Flash creating feature. Not only that, you can even search and scout talented people with various rankings.

The release of skill check assignment feature and scouting is scheduled for June 2010.

Advertisers can check not only applicants' work but how many "favorite" or "followers" they have, from their personal page.

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Some statistics from wonderfl user survey as of March 2010.

1.What is your job title?
61% of users are active Web Creators!
  • 1. Flash Creator 24%
  • 2. Web Designer 22%
  • 3. Web Programmer 15%
  • 4. Student 11%
  • 5. Web Director / Producer / Others 28%
2.What is your demand on next job when you think of career change or turning freelance?
Job description and work environment are important. You can list detailed information of work you have on wonderfl Flash-Jobs.
  • 1. Job description 28%
  • 2. Earnings 22%
  • 3. Work environment 15%
  • 4. Work location / Benefits / Others 35%
3.What job title are you looking for?
Almost half of our users are seeking Flash Creator or Web Designer job. Web Programmer in 3rd place.
  • 1. Flash Creator 38%
  • 2. Web Designer 31%
  • 3. Web Programmer 10%
  • 4. Web Director / Producer / Other 21%
4.Do you want to use scouting feature of wonderfl?
Over 90% of our users said "YES!"
  • 1. YES 91%
  • 2. NO 9%
5.Have you ever thought about career change or turning freelancer?
Over 80% of our users are looking for better jobs and working styles.
  • 1.YES 83%
  • 2.NO 17%